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Plaster Rail - Wall System
Plaster Rail - Wall System

Plaster Rail is the ultimate in hanging rail discretion! This system is installed on your wall BEFORE plastering. The result is a hanging rail, that is concealed within your wall, and practically invisible! Other ways to use this system, include: mounting the tracking between 2 pieces of plasterboard, by screwing into wooden wall studs; Or between the top-edge of the plasterboard and ceiling. When plastering, to completely submerge the rail, you will need a groove of 11mm in depth.

The Plaster Rail system uses Transparent 'Perlon' Cord and Steel Cables with Loop to hang pictures. They attach to the rail using an S-Hook Anchor. With the cord/cable suspended, to attach your picture to them you use one of our various picture hanging hooks.

Step By Step Install Preview

There are many different types of picture hook. Some are designed to be used solely with Transparent Perlon Cord, and others with Steel Cable. This is partly due to their weight capacities, as the breaking strain of steel cable vastly out weighs that of it's transparent nylon counterpart. Picture weight range is definitely something to take into consideration when buying any form of hanging system or fitting. In addition to this, our range of hooks has been developed to cover many different types of picture: Framed or Un-framed, Mounted Posters, Plates, Ceramic Tiles etc.

Our range of Picture Hanging Systems have been especially popular among the many modern art galleries around London and the United Kingdom, since the turn of the Century. Globally, for the past decade they have proved to be an essential installment in many new offices, homes & galleries!

Call 020 8320 8800 for enquiries
    Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 Plaster Rail 2m (6ft 6")   Plaster Rail 2m (6ft 6")   £15.99  Buy Now 
 Plaster Rail, Straight Connector   Plaster Rail, Straight Connector   £1.80  Buy Now 
 Plaster Rail S-Hook Anchor, silver   Plaster Rail S-Hook Anchor, silver   £2.88  Buy Now 
 Loop + Perlon 2mm Cord   Loop + Perlon 2mm Cord   £1.49  Buy Now 
 Loop + Steel 1.5mm Cable   Loop + Steel 1.5mm Cable   £1.99  Buy Now 
 Smart Spring Hook 4kg (8lbs)   Smart Spring Hook 4kg (8lbs)   £1.31  Buy Now 
 Cylinder Hook 7kg (15lbs)   Cylinder Hook 7kg (15lbs)   £1.69  Buy Now 
 Self-locking Hook 10kg (22lbs)   Self-locking Hook 10kg (22lbs)   £2.60  Buy Now 
 Zipper Hook 15kg (33lbs)   Zipper Hook 15kg (33lbs)   £2.99  Buy Now 
 Self-locking Cable Hook 15kg (33lbs)   Self-locking Cable Hook 15kg (33lbs)   £3.49  Buy Now 
 Security-Screw Hook 15kg (33lbs) <b>Security</b>   Security-Screw Hook 15kg (33lbs) Security   £5.99  Buy Now 
 Cable Hook 20kg (44lbs)   Cable Hook 20kg (44lbs)   £3.28  Buy Now 
 Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs)   Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs)   £4.99  Buy Now 
 Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs) <b>Security</b>   Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs) Security   £5.99  Buy Now 
 Self Locking Captain Hook 40kg (88lbs) Heavy Duty   Self Locking Captain Hook 40kg (88lbs) Heavy Duty   £4.99  Buy Now 
 Plate Anchor - <b>Ceramic Displays</b>   Plate Anchor - Ceramic Displays   £1.99  Buy Now 
 Plate Support - <b>Ceramic Displays</b>   Plate Support - Ceramic Displays   £2.99  Buy Now 
 Tile Support - <b>Ceramic Displays</b>   Tile Support - Ceramic Displays   £2.99  Buy Now 
 Carpet / Rug Clamp   Carpet / Rug Clamp   £5.99  Buy Now 
 Brochure Holder A4, black <b>Cable/Cord Kit</b>   Brochure Holder A4, black Cable/Cord Kit   £11.99  Buy Now 
 Brochure Holder A4, silver <b>Cable/Cord Kit</b>   Brochure Holder A4, silver Cable/Cord Kit   £11.99  Buy Now 
 Suspended Paper Rail, 0.5m (50cm)   Suspended Paper Rail, 0.5m (50cm)   £39.99  Buy Now 
 Suspended Paper Rail, 1m (100cm)   Suspended Paper Rail, 1m (100cm)   £49.99  Buy Now 
 Suspended Paper-rail, 2m (200cm)   Suspended Paper-rail, 2m (200cm)   £69.99  Buy Now 
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Zipper Hook 15kg (33lbs) <b>Security
Zipper Hook 15kg (33lbs) Security
01.Smart Spring Hook 4kg (8lbs)
02.Cylinder Hook 7kg (15lbs)
03.Self-locking Hook 10kg (22lbs)
04.Loop + Perlon 2mm Cord
05.Cable Hook 20kg (44lbs)
06.Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs)
07.Loop + Steel 1.5mm Cable
08.Zipper Hook 15kg (33lbs)
09.Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs) Security
10.Self-locking Cable Hook 15kg (33lbs)

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